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主演:奥利薇亚·阿波 肯达尔·瑞恩·山德斯 贝斯·布罗德里克 克里斯塔娜·洛肯 艾比·格洛弗 特雷弗·斯泰恩斯 Sloane Avery 加里·维克斯 奥图姆·戴尔 安德鲁·马修·韦尔奇 Wren Barnes 罗伯特·普拉尔戈 山姆·伊文 Jonathan Bouvier Claudia Church 

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简介: Its supposed to be a fresh start: One year after the loss of her husband, Nicole settles with her young adult children Justine and Jason in Purity Falls. First, the family is greeted by a warm welcome. Especially their rich neighbor Courtney seems awfully nice, quickly setting up Jason with odd jobs to support the family income. Yet Nicole soon notices that something is amiss, with her son leaving and coming back at suspiciously late hours. When a young neighbor drowns in a pool, things start to get dangerous. Something is not right with the oh-so-friendly Courtney, who seems to have a grip on her son. Soon, Nicole uncovers the criminal underbelly of Purity Falls wholesome suburban facade that will threaten all of their lives.